Sugar cane milling

Bradken supplies a range of products and services to the global sugar industry. Bradken can also provide customised solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Key products include:

Cane transport

  • Cane wagons (4,6,10,11,12 and 15 tonne)
  • Capacity for narrow and wide guage railways
  • Automatic and manual couplers
  • Wheelsets, axels, axel boxes and components
  • Wheelset and wheel reprofiling and refurbishment
  • Wagon bogies

Locomotive components

  • Locomotive wheels
  • Automatic and manual couplers
  • Buffers
  • Side rods
  • Drive axels
  • Sand boxes
  • Bearing housing and seal carriers

Railway products

  • Rail turnouts and components of all sizes
  • Rail crossings
  • Switchblades
  • Steel sleepers
  • Rail fishplates
  • Tramway signal posts
  • Rail ballast wagons

Cane shredder components

  • Hammer shanks
  • Hammer tips – white iron and tungsten carbide
  • Shredder hammer pivot bars
  • Gridbar segments – weld-on & bolt-on
  • Anvil bars
  • White iron wear tiles
  • Duaplate side plates with white iron inserts
  • Complete gridbar repair and construction
  • Shredder discs
  • Cane knife edges

Cane elevator and intermediate carriers

  • Chain links – 6, 9,12,18 inch pitch, pins and bushes
  • Refurbishment of chain links
  • Carrier and elevator rakes

Mill components

  • Mill static flanges
  • Scraper teeth with white iron inserts
  • Return plate teeth with white iron inserts
  • Spikey tooth wear blocks
  • Pressure feed chute side plates
  • Mill roller flange bolts
  • Mill tailbar supply and repair
  • Mill coupling supply and repair
  • Return plate repair and construction
  • Pump shafts
  • Fugal shafts
  • Mill full & empty yard pushers
  • Bucket chain for sugar elevators
  • Duaplate screw flights
  • Mill yard light poles
  • Small to medium sized holding tanks
  • Wear overlay plate – Duaplate and Vidaplate
  • Wear blocks of all shapes and sizes
  • Sugar roller pinions, both in cast and machined forged options



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