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Bradken Front Idlers

The Bradken Front Idlers are engineered to provide exceptional performance and durability for hydraulic excavators used in mining applications. With a hardened roller path and engineered alloy, these idlers are designed to minimise stress concentration within the transition zone.


  • Bradken Front Idlers are designed with an induction-hardened roller path that provides excellent wear resistance.
  • They are made with a high-strength proprietary Bradken induction-hardening alloy and a hardened depth of typically 15-20 mm.
  • The use of an engineered alloy with a greater depth and stringent process control minimizes stress concentration within the transition zone.
  • The idlers feature AISI 4340 axles with ground, induction-hardened running surfaces, which prevent galling and maximize resistance to impact loading.
  • Cross-hatched lubrication grooves in the idler's bushes eliminate axle flats that can cause premature internal wear and increase their typical life expectancy.

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