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Bradken Crawler Shoes

Crawler shoes are an essential component of tracked machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and loaders. They provide traction, support, and stability to the equipment, enabling it to operate on rough terrain. Bradken, a global manufacturer of wear-resistant products, has developed a proprietary material called BKC-400 for their crawler shoes. This material is through-hardened to typically 420 BHN, providing consistent, low wear rates throughout the life of the crawler shoes.


  • The Crawler shoes are made of proprietary AOD material, refined "BKC-400"
  • The design is consistent,with low wear rates throughout the life of the crawler shoes
  • It has wide roll path for better roller support and reduced metal flow
  • The Pin lugs and strengthened and widened for greater strength and reduced pitch extension
  • The Core design is optimised to minimise stress in service and maximise heat treatment and mechanical properties
  • The design has excellent impact strength throughout entire crawler shoe, reducing chances of failure in worn condition
  • The Wings are strengthened and supported for higher strength and reduced breakage
  • Connecting pins designed according to AISI 4340 with typical hardness of 615 BHN to a depth of 10 mm, superior resistance to impact failures
  • The design’s Pin wear is further reduced due to wider pin lug surfaces
  • The Bolt and nut design is simple and unlikely to fail
  • The crawler shoes are fully compatible and interchangeable with OEM crawler shoes and other undercarriage components such as sprockets, idlers, and rollers.

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