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Sustainability Roadmap

At Bradken, our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030. This goal may seem ambitious when you consider that many other companies in the resources sector are setting targets for 2040 or 2050.

Our past is the key to our sustainable future.

Over the past one hundred years at Bradken, we've grown to become one of the world's leading solutions providers for mining equipment wear parts. With a focus on innovative design, we provide effective solutions to our customers’ operational challenges, through our core manufacturing capability across our highly regarded global network of foundries, machine and fabrication workshops. Our customers come to us worldwide from across the mining and resources, rail and transit, energy, structural and industrial casting, and defense sectors.
Part of what makes us who we are, is how we come together and rise to solve challenges. It's been part of Bradken’s DNA since we began one hundred years ago.

"We're committed, curious and want to be part of the solution. As we aim to be one of the earlier movers in our sector to become carbon neutral, we also hope to share our successes and learnings with others to help them on their path."

Pam Johnson - Global Sustainability Manager

The broader story of sustainability.

Being a sustainable company isn't just about climate change and supporting the environment. It's about creating a sustainable system for business processes, our people and the environments we work in based on efficiency, efficacy and circular business models.
By adopting these approaches, Bradken plans to continue operating beyond the next one hundred years.
Pam Johnson is the Global Sustainability Lead at Bradken. She joined the company over two years ago with a vision to help bring its processes, people and outcomes together to become more sustainable. She's currently developing a detailed Sustainability Roadmap to provide clear direction on how Bradken will become carbon neutral by 2030.
"We're taking a more proactive approach by stepping up to the challenge and leading the way towards carbon neutrality. This places us ahead of the curve with customers and stakeholders, as they start to expect more in terms of our sustainability credentials," Pam notes.
During workshops conducted across Bradken earlier this year, our teams indicated their high level of commitment. They were not only active in coming up with ideas during the workshop, but had also developed pre-prepared presentations on initial thinking for their sites.

Bradken's strategy to meet the carbon neutral challenge.

While the roadmap under development will deliver specific tactics to meet Bradken's target of carbon neutrality by 2030, the strategy has already been divided into three key workstreams.

Bradken's carbon neutrality key workstreams.

Sustainabiity Road map - Process and Energy Efficiency
Process and Energy Efficiency

Our business is energy-intensive, and there's no way to work around that. Foundries need a significant amount of energy to work. Anything less comes at the cost of quality and safety. However, there are smarter ways that we can explore to optimise our energy usage. For any capital investments, we're investing in projects at our facilities that support our 2030 goal.

Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement

Our employees, customers, shareholders and communities are just as passionate as we are about our planet. We engage with our employees around sustainability training and actively encourage them to identify and share any opportunities for improvement. Meanwhile, we'll share our successes and learnings with our customers and the industry to help them on their journey to becoming carbon neutral.

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

As energy contracts come up for renewal, sourcing and procuring renewable sources of electricity are a top priority. In addition, where renewable energy sources are needed above what can be provided through local utilities, we aim to be part of the solution. One such example of this is at our Mont Joli facility which was built to rely entirely on hydropower. We are also investigating opportunities to generate energy at our manufacturing facilities cost-effectively.

As part of our sustainability roadmap, we’ve already identified several ways we can actively pursue to reduce our carbon emissions. While these also provide short-term economic and efficiency gains, our actions will also have far-reaching positive consequences for our business over the next 100 years.
Since our earliest days, we’ve always risen to the challenges of the market and collaborated with our partners to find a solution. We look forward to leading the way and sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t for our customers and partners to assist with their sustainability journey as well.
At Bradken, we'll keep sharing these stories with you as we head towards a carbon-neutral future together.

Carbon Neutral 2030 - Taking steps toward a more sustainable mining future

Our Mill Liners are already helping towards our 2030 Carbon Neutral goal through;

Energy Sourcing - 75% now sourced from renewable resources e.g. wind, solar, hydro.

Mill Liner Recycled Material - >98% of our mill liners is from returned liners and recycled materials.


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