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Bradken Load Rollers

The Bradken Load Rollers are designed to overcome the problems associated with traditional Caterpillar load roller designs. With independent axles and increased lubrication capacity, these rollers are designed to lower operating temperatures, decrease wear rate and increase component life.


  • The design overcomes problems in traditional Caterpillar load rollers by introducing an independent axle for machine weight support.
  • Internal bearing surfaces are mostly lubricated, minimizing wear and lowering operating temperatures.
  • The combination of features reduces the rate of wear, maximizes contact area and reduces axle bending.
  • The roller shell is made of AISI 4340 with good hardenability and superior resistance to impact loading.
  • The roller path is induction hardened to typically 500 BHN.
  • The roller shell is forged for superior mechanical properties in the direction of roller loading.
  • It has a hardened depth typically of 25 - 30 mm.
  • The rollers have increased lubrication capacity, and AISI 4340 axles with ground, induction hardened running surfaces to minimize galling and maximize resistance to impact loading.

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