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Bradken Drive Sprockets

The Bradken Drive Sprockets are specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of the mining industry. With induction-hardened roller paths and drive lug faces, these sprockets provide a consistently low wear rate throughout their life.


  • Bradken Drive Sprockets are designed with an induction hardened roller path and drive lug faces
  • Typically rated to 500 BHN for maximum strength and durability.
  • High-strength proprietary alloy, specially designed for Bradken, ensuring minimal stress concentration within the transition zone.
  • Hardened depth of typically 15-20 mm.
  • The sprockets are engineered to provide excellent performance and longevity in demanding applications.
  • Deeper hardening and stringent process control ensure that the sprockets are built to withstand high loads and abrasive conditions without compromising on strength or reliability.
  • Bradken Drive Sprockets an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications where maximum strength and durability are required.

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