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Revolver Skirt Liner System


Skirt liner maintenance typically requires work to be carried out from both inside and outside of the equipment, often requiring confined space work or access on to the conveyor belt. Our Revolver Skirt Liner system allows all skirt liner maintenance to be performed outside the equipment.

Revolver delivers several operational benefits including:

Improved safety

Liner maintenance no longer needs to be conducted in potentially unsafe environments like confined spaces inside chutes and hoppers. With the Revolver Skirt Liner system liners can now be changed or adjusted from outside the equipment. Removable frames and skirt liners have a lightweight design to meet manual handling requirements.


Improved efficiency

Without Revolver, working within a confined space environment is unavoidable with at least one team member required to work inside the equipment while at least two additional team members assist from outside. Maintaining skirt liners from outside the equipment with the Revolver system means shutdown time can be reduced because you no longer require confined space entry permits or team members entering the chute. 


Reduced maintenance costs

The Revolver Skirt Liner system includes a secondary mechanism for holding liners in position. This greatly reduces the risk of skirt liners falling onto a moving belt and causing damage. With a standard liner system stock levels can also be reduced.