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Bassendean, Western Australia

1889 A 1,450 acre parcel of land, which included the Bassendean site was owned or occupied by the Cluue Family. It is likely that the site was used for farming.
1905 The site had an unidentified land use and was owned or occupied by Wesley Mayley and John Learmonth.
1944 The site had an unidentified land use and was owned or occupied by the "Commonwealth of Australia".
1948 The site had an unidentified land use and was owned or occupied by Westralian Farmers Cooperative, which in 1985 became "Wesfarmers Limited".
1956 The site was acquired and used by Hoskins as an engineering facility and foundry and operated as "Hoskins Engineering and Foundry Limited".
1975 The site operated under the name "Vickers Engineering".
1984 "Vickers Australia Limited" and the "Commonwealth Steel Company Limited" merged to form "Comsteel Vickers Limited" and Vickers Australia Limited delisted from the Australian Stock Exchange.
1986 "Australian National Industries Limited" acquired the Comsteel Vickers Limited Group, which was consolidated from the 1st February 1986 and became "ANI Limited".
1987 Vickers Hoskins became part of the "ANI Engineering Services" Group and was renamed "ANI Hoskins" as part of ANI Limited.
1989 "Consolidated Press Securities Limited" acquires a 48% holding in ANI Limited and ANI Hoskins was split from the ANI Engineering Services Group and became part of the "ANI Contracting" Division.
1990 ANI Hoskins became part of the "ANI Product Group Division" in a major restructure of the business into Manufacturing and Marketing which was completed in October 1990.
1992 The name ANI Hoskins was dropped in favour of "Wear Plate".
1993 The business was renamed to "ANI Wear Products".
1995 The "ANI Mining Service Group" was formed, incorporating ANI Arnall, ESCO Products, ANI Wear Products, ANI Chile and Arnall Poland.
1997 A restructure saw the ESCO Products Division and ANI Wear Products Division were amalgamated into a new business named "ANI Wear Resistant Products".
1998 ANI Bradken, ANI Comsteel, ANI Mineral Processing, ANI Strata Products and ANI Wear Resistant Products were amalgamated into the Resources and Rail Group.
2000 ANI was acquired by the Smorgon Steel Group with newly named Wear Resistant Products business remaining part of the Resources Group and Bradken and Wear Resistant Products were amalgamated into the Bradken Business.
2001 Bradken was sold to a CHAMP / ESCO Corporation / Management consortium.
2004 Bradken Limited listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and became a public company.
Now the site operated as "Bradken Resources Pty Limited", a business of "Bradken Limited".