Over the years Bradken has developed and is known for its innovation and differentiation of bogies of varying axle loads.

In 2000 Bradken created its own in-house design team which continues to create bogie designs to meet customer's requirements.

Bradken through its in-house engineering team designed the first 40 tonne axle load bogie, globally acknowledged as the heaviest payload bogie available. Bradken continues to and can design bogies to meet our customer’s requirements from the smallest sugar cane hoppers to those for the heavy haul market.

Bradken is the only company in Australia that design and manufactures bogies. Our reputation for performance, durability and quality are firmly established and Bradken continues to constantly move forward with new engineering and manufacturing innovations.

Below is a video that shows the components that make up a bogie and how they fit together. Complete bogies, bogie spiders and their components can be sourced from Bradken's Rail division.

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Please contact the Rail Regional Sales Manager for your commodity should you have any queries.