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Armour and Ballistic Plate

Bradken is a global leader in the supply of Ballistic and Blast protection products. Clients include manufacturers of air, sea and land military vehicles, security units and security vehicles worldwide.

Bradken's Sleeman Compass B555 and B300 armour and ballistic protection plate provide added protection in critical situations. A low alloy, quenched and tempered steel plate developed to give consistent hardness through the full thickness of the plate and maximum ductility for effective resistance to penetration by a wide range of small ordnance.

Already specified by leading military vehicle manufactures, Sleeman Compass armour has proved an excellent solution against multi strike penetration situations and is selected as the preferred material for defence and security projects worldwide.

For military and civil protection, Sleeman Compass B555 and B300 is designed for use for armouring vehicles, static equipment, marine installations, general light armouring solutions and static blast proof doors.

  • Personnel Carriers
  • Reconnaissance Vehicles
  • Security Vehicles
  • Police Vehicles
  • Naval Instrumentation Enclosures
  • Blast Doors
  • Security Units
  • Land Mine Clearance Equipment
  • Cash / Bullion Carriers.

Bradken provides a comprehensive technical design service, and CAD manufactured finished profiled components, formed, machined or fabricated to customer requirements, as well as supplying prime plate sheet. Using submerged plasma arc profiling, thermal stress is reduced.

Ballistic Blast Protection
(829kb pdf)