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Bradken Ground Engaging Tools - PioneerTM

Bradken® has an extensive wealth of knowledge and skills in the manufacture and distribution of a comprehensive range of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and Mining Buckets. With more than 55 years of experience in the earthmoving field, Bradken uses its extensive network of regional offices and skilled technical sales representatives to provide unparalleled service and support to the Australian mining industry.

Weld-on GET


Bradken Pioneer buckets can be fitted with our heavy-duty weld-on shroud GET offering.

The design incorporates slim profiles that allows for better penetration, as well as wear indicators, which reduce unscheduled downtime by identifying when change-out is needed.

The true continuous edge of the design provides a clean, flush floor operation, while at the same time providing a reliable mating connection, eliminating shroud losses.

Bradken Pioneer weld-on shrouds come in corner, centre and intermediate configurations, all with lifting lugs to provide safer handling during installation.

Pioneer Load Haul Dump LHD BucketPioneer Load Haul Dump ground engaging tools 

Features & Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Slim profile Improved penetration Reduced tyre and fuel costs
Tear drop design  Improves clean up ability  Increase in production
Wear indicators  Identifies when scheduled change-outs are required Reduced maintenance costs
Reduced machine downtime 
No top leg Eliminates material hang-up and carry back Increase in production
True continuous edge Reduces lip wash
Clean flush floor operation
Reduced tyre maintenance costs
Increase in production
Reduced maintenance costs