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Bradken Ground Engaging Tools - PenetratorTM Cast Lip

Bradken® has an extensive wealth of knowledge and skills in the manufacture and distribution of a comprehensive range of Ground Engaging Tools and Mining Buckets. With more than 55 years of experience in the earthmoving field, Bradken uses its extensive network of regional offices and skilled technical sales representatives to provide unparalleled service and support to the Australian mining industry.

Bradken’s Penetrator Cast Lip has been designed and engineered as a superior product to current market offerings. By evaluating our design with extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Bradken has developed a quality lip that suits Bradken Avalanche and OEM buckets, meeting all mine site requirements.

Penetrator Cast Lip FEA for Mining Buckets Penetrator Cast Lip for mining buckets section view


Features & Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
High strength single beam design Strong, robust and suits all digging conditions Maximises lip service life
Raised inline Defender shroud profile Improved penetration
Reduction in required dig energy
Increased machine production
Slim profile Increased digging penetration
Reduces required dig energy
Increased production
Underside lip shroud recess Improved lip shroud protection Increase in shroud life
Reduced maintenance costs
Improved lip wear protection Reduction in lip wear Reduced maintenance costs
Suits Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) bucket specifications Retrofit to existing buckets Refurbishment time reduced
Maintenance costs reduced
Unique wing design Reduced stress in wing Refurbishment time reduced
Maintenance costs reduced