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Bradken Ground Engaging Tools - PenetratorTM

Bradken’s Penetrator™ is a complete lip arrangement featuring a cast lip, adapter and point or cast lip and solid point. Designed to meet the world’s toughest digging conditions for Dragline, Face Shovel, Hoe Excavator and Dredging applications, the Penetrator adapter offers safety as a priority, incorporating a completely hammerless design that can be retrofitted to cast lip noses.

The Penetrator point is engineered to fit onto the Penetrator adapter and can replace a number of Ground Engaging Tool (GET) offerings as a Direct Replacement Part (DRP) with Bradken’s extensive range of point designs.

Changing systems is unnecessary; simply fit the Penetrator adapter and/or Penetrator point using the Bradken locking pin.

Bradken can also design site specific points to suit your digging conditions. Your local Bradken representative can talk to you about customising products for your mine site’s needs.

Penetrator Adapter to Nose fit ground engaging tools


Features & Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Retractable adapter locking pin Reusable hammerless design
No need to remove lip shrouds
Easy installation
Reduced downtime
Reduced inventory costs
Adapter with take up Adjustable to maintain sound fit relationship Reduced nose wear
Reduced maintenance
Less downtime
Reusable point locking pin Minimal maintenance required
Multiple use One piece system
Less maintenance costs
Reduced inventory costs
Ease of installation
Variety of point designs Suits all digging conditions Increased machine production