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AvalancheTM Face Shovel Bucket

Bradken designs and manufactures a range of jaw fronts and doors for large hydraulic face shovel machines.

Bradken Avalanche™ Face Shovel Buckets are engineered to suit OEM connections without the need for modification and utilise the Penetrator™ cast lip system.

Our standard offering covers buckets with 15m3 to >50m3 (19.6yd3 to >65.4yd3) capacities, while our customised range offers buckets to suit site specific production and maintenance requirements.

All Bradken Avalanche buckets, wear packages and Ground Engaging Tools (GET) can be tailored for use in General Purpose or Mining Class XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) applications.

Avalanche Face shovel bucket front iso Avalanche Face shovel bucket rear iso

Features & Benefits


Features Advantages Benefits
One piece castings  Elimination of weld joints in critical hinge neck regions Reduced maintenance costs
Compatible with OEM hitch points Simple maintenance and hook-up Minimal downtime
Low maintenance
Load Distribution Skeleton Increased strength Reduced maintenance costs
Increased bucket availability
Optimised bucket capacities High fill factors Increased production