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Bradken Manufactured Mining Buckets


Bradken's® foundry and manufacturing teams use years of know-how to produce superior and reliable products that are sold, serviced and refurbished through a network of service centres and manufacturing facilities that are second to none. Looking after your every need, Bradken is able to offer the products you want, when you want them, supported through our regionally based sales teams. Through consultative engineering, we are able to assist our customers to customise products to their exacting standards.

Bradken produce a range of mining buckets to suit OEM connections.

Avalanche Excavator bucket front iso

AvalancheTM Excavator Bucket

Bradken deliver high production results with their range of Excavator Buckets designed for all mining applications.
Size Range: 5m3 to >35m3 (6.5yd3 to >45.8yd3)

Avalanche Face shovel bucket front iso

AvalancheTM Face Shovel Bucket

Bradken offer an array of jaw fronts and doors for large Hydraulic Face Shovel machines.
Size Range: 15m3 to >50m3 (19.6yd3 to >65.4yd3)

Avalanche front end loader bucket front iso

AvalancheTM Front End Loader

Bradken offer a range of Front End Loader Buckets for optimum loading performance for any condition.
Size Range: 6m3 to >30m3 (7.8yd3 to >39.2yd3)

Pioneer Load Haul Dump LHD Bucket front iso

PioneerTM Load Haul Dump Buckets

Bradken offer a range of Load Haul Dump Buckets for optimum loading performance for any condition.
Size Range: 5m3 to >12m3 (6.5yd3 to >15.7yd3)