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Dragline Rigging - HarmoniseTM

Class 2 Integrated Socket Equaliser ISE Class 2 Integrated Socket Equaliser ISE in action


Bradken’s Harmonise™ Dragline Rigging solution is a collection of innovative designs with a revolutionary approach to the upper hoist rigging assembly. The new design utilises the Integrated Socket Equaliser (ISE), an innovation that replaces five components and reduces rigging height by more than a metre.

Higher Spoil

The innovative ISE is unique to the Bradken Harmonise range. Replacing five major upper rigging components, the ISE reduces rigging height by more than a metre and provides a significant mass saving. The resulting gain in spoil height is also a large advantage at spoil bound mine sites.

Fewer Parts

Innovative design has allowed Bradken to reduce inventory items required to maintain your dragline.Consolidated pin and keeper designs can be used in various rigging components, simplifying and reducing site stock inventory.

As an example, the Harmonise upper rigging package for the Bucyrus 1370 machine requires just three different pins with a common six inch pin used in seven locations of a rigging package.


All Bradken rigging incorporates safe hammerless locking systems. Designed for installation using conventional tools, Bradken B-Lock and P-Lock retainer systems are fast and easy to operate.

The unique P-Lock system allows removal of the keeper from two directions, ensuring less handling of heavy parts.

T-Lock and B-Lock provide your mine site with hammerless locking pin options that are easy to install and remove. B-Lock provides the added benefit of a fully covered locking head to minimise the risk of damage.

Longer Wear Life

Bradken’s highly engineered rigging pins utilise Advanced Process Technology™ (APT™) for longer wear life and fewer breakages. Bradken pins have been shown to provide more than a 50% increase in wear life over conventional pins.

This means fewer change-outs and less downtime, allowing for continued production and significant savings in dragline maintenance costs.

Lighter and Stronger

Bradken rigging is developed using leading edge CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software to ensure minimum weight and maximum strength.

Harmonise rigging packages can save in excess of three tonnes in rigging weight compared to competitor packages, allowing for the use of a larger bucket for a specific dragline. The resulting increase in capacity translates directly to improved production rates. Even using existing buckets, Bradken’s lighter rigging can reduce machine overloads, improve boom longevity and reduce maintenance.

While offering a significant mass reduction, Harmonise rigging components have also been shown to exhibit superior strength properties. Additionally high-strength Bradken alloys ensure long-term durability.


Features and Benefits


Features Advantages Benefits
Advanced Process Technology (APT) rigging pins Longer wear life Reduced maintenance costs
50% increase in wear life
Integrated Socket Equaliser (ISE) Replacing five major upper rigging components Significant mass saving
Saves 1m of rigging height for higher spoil
Fewer components in each rigging assembly Reduced inventory Less inventory costs
Reduced rigging assembly mass
Hammerless keeper systems for rigging components Safe removal of keeper from two directions using conventional tools Less handling of heavy parts
Fast and easy to change out
Hydraulic centreline socket system Eliminates heavy impact with traditional ejection methods Safer wedge removal
Lighter and stronger Minimum weight
Maximum strength
Can save 3T in rigging weight
Reduced overloads and improved boom longevity

Harmonise Overview Video

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