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Bradken® Blades

Bradken Blades begins with an engineering analysis to make certain the steel chemistry is suitable for all applications. Each steel provides balanced metallurgical characteristics to best resist wear and breakage.

Bradken blades on a bucketBradken blades

Features & Benefits

Bradken Blades
Features Advantages Benefits
Extensive range to suit all popular model machines Product availability from one supplier Minimise suppliers – “One stop shop”
Material thickness from ¾” to 2 3/8” Suitability for various applications,
Extended wear life
Economical application
Minimize downtime
Reduce operating cost
Hi Carbon Non heat treated
Manufactured from Hi-Carbon and balanced resistances to abrasion wear and impact breakage
Low operating cost
Reduced downtime
Boron steel Heat treated – Through hardened steel for maximum resistance to impact and high wear applications Reduced operating cost
Increase production
Reduce breakage
Application of hardfacing “Quadra” Double the wear life of blades Reduce downtime
Increase production
Precision punched Gives the security of easy first time fitment Easy installation
Reduced machine downtime
Increased production
Increased machine availability
Maintenance cost reduction
Custom blade design to customers requirements Product availability
Reduced lead-times
Manufactured to same superior standard as OEM blades
Through hardened steel
No modifications or fabrication required
Reduced downtime
Easy installation
Maximum wear life reduced operating cost
Bevel edges are rolled formed Consistent superior penetration profile
No heat effected zones from flame cutting
Through hardened
Greater wear life
Greater penetration
Extended wear life