Bradken’s Ultiroller® was developed to overcome problems inherent in the traditional load roller design. 

By introducing an independent axle to support the machine weight, the internal bearing surfaces are completely lubricated 100% of the time. Contact between the bush and axle occurs at the base and its area maximised due to reduced axle bending.  The combination of these features results in lowering operating temperatures and aids in decreasing the rate of wear.  The single plated, two bolt retention system has been introduced to simplify installation and to eliminate reliance on the side frame to set the assembly float. This ultimately makes installation faster, safer and more efficient.

 Features Benefits
Self-contained assembly enables the float to be set by the factory. Safer and easier installation on the machine.
Bushing contact at base of axle fully submerged in lubricant. Cooler running, with less bush/axle wear.
Automatic lubrication system (optional). Suits both auto and non lubricated systems.

 Maximised clearance between end block and crawler shoe. Longer wear life.


Bradken can supply Ultirollers for the following Caterpillar® Hydraulic Excavators;

  • 6030/RH120E
  • 6040/RH170
  • 6050/RH200
  • 6060/RH340
  • 6090/RH400