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Sprockets, Idlers and Rollers

RH170 6040 Undercarriage

Bradken offers an extensive range of other undercarriage components such as sprockets, idlers, load and return rollers.

Our sprockets and idlers are superior grade, high quality, induction hardened castings that provide increase impact and wear characteristics. The case hardened wear surfaces ensure that the hardness levels are matched to the mating components, whilst retaining a ductile core that is able to absorb impact.

The CNC machined surfaces and the use of superior quality components ensure that the replacement parts consistently fit and are of optimum quality.

The Bradken designed and manufactured range of load and return rollers has been developed for optimal wear in all conditions and offers a number of features to ensure maximum wear life and eliminate downtime.

Bradken manufactured rollers have a forged one-piece CrMo steel roller shell. The incorporation of high quality, spun cast manganese bronze bushes and NiCrMo grade axles, provides superior wear and impact resistance. Component life expectancy is enhanced with the use of induction hardened wear surfaces.

6050 Sprocket
6030 Idler Assembly
6050 Load Roller Assembly