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Wear Life Expectations

Bradken has always been considered at the forefront of supplying quality, abrasion resistant products to the market place. Bradken strive to improve existing technologies and develop new products to provide maximum protection for fixed plant and mobile equipment against the effects of wear. Our research and development has led to Bradken providing a range of products from quench and tempered steel, chromium carbide or ceramic based products. Thus providing the best suited material for the environment that it has to perform within.

Wear Life Chart


The graph above represents a comparison of common wear resistant materials to AS3678- 250 mild steel. The materials have been independently tested under the ASTM G65-04 dry sand rubber wheel test standard for low stress sliding abrasion.

The number next to each product represents the factor by which the product will outlast AS3678-250 mild steel. For example, Duablock will last 42 times longer than mild steel in a similar low stress abrasion situation. The graph is only intended as a guide and does not incorporate design advantages such as rock boxes, which can greatly enhance product wear life.