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A complementary product which we recommend to be used to take up gaps between liners thus helping eliminate any premature wear. Bradken offer different grades for different applications so whether it’s for a small gap or an ad-hock fast cure fix in a high wear area Bradken will have the right product for you. Each grade of epoxy comes with a variety of ceramic particles giving exceptional wear characteristics.

Products Kit Size  Per Ctn. General Product Use
BK Wear105  3kg 4 Ceramic filled putty compound for application in voids >5mm and for medium impact & sliding abrasion. Ideal as grout between and under wear liners.
 7kg 2
BK Brush305  0.8kg 1 Brush applied fine ceramic filled epoxy coating for applications 250 to 1500 micron in slurry applications.
BK Impact519  7kg  2 Impact resistant epoxy compound that has a fibre reinforcement to improve impact performance. Ideal for builds greater than 5mm such as fairing compound, corners of chutes and grout.
BK Fast605QS  3kg Fast cure version of the BK Wear105, ideal as an emergency repair compound and for builds greater than 3mm such as chute corners and liner grout.
   10kg  Large kit available on request.
BK Bond705  1kg Fine ceramic filled epoxy adhesive. Ideal for pump repair, ceramic tile applications or a grout between liners (3 5mm). Vertical build 0.5-3mm.
BK Prime901  0.12kg Epoxy Primer for use where maximum adhesion is required for epoxy putties.


 BK Brush 305
BK Brush 305


 BK Wear 105
BK Wear 105


BK Impact 519
BK Impact 519



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