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Bradken has an extensive global network of manufacturing facilities backed by sales and distribution centers capable of servicing most geographical locations. This geographical diversity underpins the company's position as a world class, cost effective, high quality foundry and heavy engineering business. Bradken's manufacturing facilities employ the latest technologies in process development, design, tooling manufacture, casting processes, robotics, machining and assembly. Within Bradken there is a broad wealth of technical expertise encompassing a wide range of alloys and complex fabrication in addition to operational and field experience. This positions Bradken as a cost effective and quality machining and fabrication company complemented by the extensive product range and capacity offering customers high security of supply now and in the long term. Bradken's manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Analysis and Testing
  • Dragline Bucket Scale Testing
  • Material Selection and Development
  • Fabrication and Casting
  • FEA and Fatigue Analysis
  • Manufacture of Specialty Iron and Steel Products
  • Manufacturing Process Technology
  • Product Design and Development
  • Robotic Manufacturing
  • Technical Service and Support
  • Specialist Melting, Moulding, Heat Treatment,
  • Machining and Inspection
  • Wagon Design Validation and Testing
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