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Turbine & Compressor Castings

Bradken's Engineered Products foundries have a rich history casting complex, large, highly engineered cast steel shells, cast steel housings and other cast steel Turbine/Compressor components. Bradken has special capabilities within the Hydro Turbine Markets. 

Materials cast include carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and duplex steel castings weighing more than 55,000 lbs. (more than 25,000 kgs). We cover a wide range of materials and configurations. Bradken has extensive Hydro Turbine experience, pouring CA6NM and machining CA6NM.

In addition to large and heavy steel castings, Bradken adds value by providing cast components with high specification demands and value added machining.

  • Assisted Engineering (Fabrication to cast, improving castability)
  • Patterns & Tooling
  • Carbon/Stainless & Specialty Steel Castings
  • Linatron X-Ray capabilities for wall thicknesses beyond 6.5"
  • Nuclear certified, Boiler Pressure Code Compliant, AAR Certified, ABS, DNV, LLOYDS, Naval, AAR, Military
  • Machining & Value Added Services
  • Special Machine Tools to fully machine Hydro Wicket Gates

Hydro Pelton Combustion Turbine Compressor Housings Steam Turbine Pattern Making Hydro Turbine Components Turbine Casings Turbine Components Turbo ExpanderCompressor Bearing Housing




Can Bradken Produce Our Components?

Bradken's Engineered Products Division is highly active within the Turbine and Compressor markets. We add value to the castings we produce by providing machining, testing & fabrication.

Alloy Steel Castings

Stainless Steel Castings

Duplex Steel Castings

Corrosion Resistant Castings

Foundry Pattern Equipment and Tooling

Ductile Iron Ni-Resist

Steel Cast Turbine Housings

Steel Cast Turbine Shells

Steel Cast Compressor Housings

Steel Cast Bearing Housings

Steel Cast and Machined Gear Cases

Hydro Turbine Castings

Machined Turbine Castings

Machined Compressor Castings

Marine Turbine Steel Castings

Military (Navy) Steel Castings

Highly Specified Steel Castings

Value Add Steel Castings

"We can help solve your most demanding procurement problems."

At Bradken the emphasis is on quality. Over our collective history, we have received numerous blue chip customer awards of excellence and quality certifications. Bradken's market coverage is extensive but not limited to the industries listed above.

We challenge you to work with us, push the boundaries of imagination and combined skills. Bradken's goals include reducing your overall cost and improving bottom line results. By embracing progressive supply strategies, we can collectively provide complete customer solutions and satisfaction.