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Structural and  Structurally Exposed Steel Castings


Bradken understands The Structural Market and is experienced with single node/casting projects and large projects; with hundreds of structural elements and millions of pounds of steel castings. We are an AISC associate member. 
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  • We understand Structurally Exposed Steel
  • We understand non-destructive testing and we understand material strength requirements.
  • Bradken offers design assist and through our structural engineering partners; can provide complete connection consultation.   


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STeel Castings

Bradken can produce a wide range of steel and stainless steel castings from as small as 50 lbs. to over 55,000 lbs. (25 to over 25,000 kg). We can pour multiple steel grades and heat-treat in a normalized or quenched condition, to achieve greater yields. Bradken steel castings are supplied ready to fabricate and assemble.

Large Projects

Bradken is a global company with multiple facilities. From a single castings to over 3.3 million lbs. of steel castings, Bradken possesses the capacity and infrastructure to support the most demanding large scale projects.

Experienced Staff

Bradken employs a large technical and quality staff capable of handling the most stringent specification and testing methods. We are knowledgeable about architecturally exposed steel and can supply engineering support, tooling, manufacturing, casting NDT and finish machining.

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Projects of Note:

Queen Richmond Centre West (Toronto, ON, CAN) : Structurally exposed steel. QRC West is a landmark development in Toronto's Downtown West.
- Pour Weight: 50,500 lbs Casting: ˜30,600 lbs.
- Scope: Pattern, casting and machining 

Transbay Transit Terminal (San Francisco, CA, USA) Structurally exposed steel. Project required production of 304 steel castings made up of 75 unique geometries totaling approx. 3.3 million lbs of cast steel. 
- Nodes range in size and weight, from 3,900 lbs to 46,300 lbs. 
- Scope: Patterns, casting and machining

USTA Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing Meadows NY, USA) Structurally exposed steel.
- Project consisted of 16 architecturally exposed cast steel nodes weighing approx. 8,000 lbs each.
- Scope: Pattern, casting and machining