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Bradken is a leading source of custom engineered and high alloy castings designed for the most critical surface and subsurface applications. We produce single castings up to 45,000 lbs (20,417 kgs) for TLP’s, FPSO’s, Semi-Sub’s, SPAR’s, Mooring Systems and SubSea applications.


  • Linatron x-ray capabilities for wall thicknesses beyond 6.5”. BRADKEN® has extensive experience with heavy section, high specification steel castings.

  • BRADKEN® Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) refined alloys result in clean material with excellent mechanical properties.

Machine Basket

BRADKEN® Proprietary Alloy 804

• Alloy 804 is CTOD Qualified 50 ksi (345MPa)

• Yield Strength Material with a CE < .45 exhibiting excellent strength and toughness properties.

• Typical Base Material Charpy impact properties at -10 C >100 ft lbs.

• Typical Tensile Strength is 82 ksi.

• Field weldable no preheat or post weld heat treat requirements.


BRADKEN® Proprietary Alloy 806

• Alloy 806 is a 73 ksi (500 MPa) Yield Strength Material with a CE < .50 and typical PCM of 0.26.

• Alloy 806 is designed for superior yield strength and toughness as a field weldable alloy without preheat or post weld heat treat requirements.

• Charpy impact properties at -40 C >80 ft-lbs (>109 joules)

• Typical Tensile properties 96 ksi.


BRADKEN® Proprietary Alloy 864 and 865s

Alloy 864 and 865s are 80 ksi and 100 ksi Yield Strength Materials respectively which do not require post weld heat treatment.

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