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Mining and Construction Steel Castings

Large heavy casting, machining and sub-assembly

  1. We take a collaborative approach to new product development and introductions: By fostering a team environment with our customer, we are able to bring quality products to market with reduced engineering costs and improved 1st article process.
  2. We embrace the global economy and how sensitive this is to the Mining & Construction markets: We can provide low cost country sourcing with Bradken owned manufacturing facilities and inspection facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, India and China..... Utilizing our domestic experience and resources, ensures quality products are delivered to customer specifications.
  3. We use leading edge technological tools allowing us to collaborate with a wide variety of solid models, drawing and print files: We are able to work with these files and use powerful solidification modeling to prove out castability and guidance for the first article process. In addition, these solid models and CAD files can be used to produce precise CNC machine pattern & tooling.

Inspection2 Spindle Machining2 Construction Rigid Inspection Machined Components IndustrialWelding Transmission Case Machining

STeel Castings

Bradken can produce a wide range of steel and stainless steel castings from as small as 50 lbs. to over 55,000 lbs. (25 to over 25,000 kg). We can pour multiple steel grades and heat-treat in a normalized or quenched condition, to achieve greater yields. Bradken steel castings are supplied ready to fabricate and assemble.

Short List of Steel Castings produced for Mining/Construction

 Differential Steel Castings Supports for Large Mining Trucks   Crusher Castings   Machined Wheel Castings
Cast and Machined Trunions   Bearing Housing Castings  Spindle Casting and Machining  Various Structural Components
 Cast Lips  Cast Trailing Arms Demolition Shear  Cast Steel Sheaves 
 Cast Boom Feet Cast Sprockets  Cast Bucket Components  Cast Saddle Blocks 


Experienced Staff

Bradken employs a large technical and quality staff capable of handling the most stringent specification and testing methods. We are highly experience with the mining/construction cast steel market and can supply engineering support, tooling, manufacturing, casting NDT and finish machining.